Career advice

The most common question we get is how people can pursue a career in organizational development. Here are some tips which may or may not work.

Career tips for the organizational development crew

Networking is by far the best way to get a job. As far as how to network:

  • Check out the professional organizations such as ODHRM, ISPI, OD Network, and SIOP. Once you are tied into one of these organizations you can usually learn about the rest. OD Network has a national careers listing service and a number of publications to help budding OD people.
  • Internships are good opportunities to prove your worth. If you have been in one, get back in touch with the people you worked with.
  • Seek out opportunities to volunteer in or present to professional groups.
  • Volunteering your services to nonprofits can bring recommendations and work.
  • If fate offers you the life of a freelancer, maybe fate knows what it’s doing.

Other OD career resources: books


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